RSG Spoon “Reel Super Glow”


5″ Thin trolling spoon that has a deadly action and is super effective on all game fish. Hand assembled with the highest quality hooks and components. Comes with a Red EYE and Red Flicker on the tail to help the fish zoom in on the target.

RSG glow is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly glow pigment which produces an exceptional glow, brightness and duration.

There is not a better glow in the fishing industry today. Fully Charged in 30 minutes of sunlight, these lures glow bright and long. Charging them with a charge box or hand held light source is recommended.

The best lighting sources for this glow are those that are rich in ultraviolet and blue light spectrum.

In order of effectiveness, these are sunlight, quartz/halogen, mercury vapor, black light and fluorescent.

Least effective lighting is incandescent.


5″ Trolling Spoon

Color: Nuclear Sub-Shine

Glow in the Dark. Silver back.

RSG Spoon
“Reel” Super Glow

Example of Glow pigments, This is what the Fish see !!  


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